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Keeping your organization on Trac - 1 Solution at a time.

Get the Stress of Bookkeeping Off Your Shoulders!

We are passionate about moving  your business from a state of stress to one of peace.  How do we do it?   Like this:

Why Trac-1 Solutions?

Yes, you need a bookkeeper.

Trac-1 Solutions doesn’t do plumbing — because we don’t know anything about plumbing. We understand the need for plumbing (especially indoor) and the general concepts of plumbing. We can even name some of the tools plumbers use even though we don’t know how to use them well. And if you have a plumbing company, it’s likely you didn’t start it because you were excited about bookkeeping.

That's where we come in.

Good plumbing keeps you out of trouble in that little room, and good bookkeeping keeps you out of trouble with the government.
Plumber fixing the kitchen sink

What to Expect

The conversation beings by Contacting Trac-1 Solutions.
We will schedule a free consultation so you can tell us more about your needs and pain points in your current situation.
We will evaluate your current information and prepare a proposal and schedule a call to review the proposal.
Once we have agreed on terms and signed off on the engagement letter, the work begins.
You will receive an invitation that provides a secure location for you to upload any requested documents.


Business is moving to the cloud at an accelerated rate. Bookkeeping is no exception. To embrace technology and leverage it to provide cloud-based, secure solutions for all of my clients is exciting. As the need for clunky programs housed on a desktop or laptop are becoming obsolete. The shift to the cloud means access anytime, from anywhere on almost any device, to the information you need most to make good business decisions.

As a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor I am required to pass annual tests that keep my qualifications current. I attend various training, specific to the software, throughout the year. Participate in monthly calls to be in the know about upcoming product changes and updates before they are rolled out. I am able to evaluate your bookkeeping needs and help you find the best QBO product to meet those needs. Often times, people experience software limitations, knowing those limitations and developing work arounds is key in getting the most out of any software.

Find a ProAdvisor BEFORE you get a subscription or buy software. Let a ProAdvisor help you find the best product and make sure you start your journey on the right foot, from the beginning, instead of playing catch-up/clean-up later.

The short answer: Bookkeepers are involved in, and record, the ongoing financial records for your organization. Accountants will review the records produced for tax review and filings. These two should work together to serve the financial requirements of your business.

Quickbooks has a good article that goes into more detail.